IDRRIM : The Institute for Roads, Streets and Mobility Infrastructure

Who we are

IDRRIM rallies all the public and private bodies operating in the mobility and urban spaces infrastructures sector.

Created in 2010 at the initiative of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Territorial Development, the Assembly of the Departments of France and the national private-sector engineering and public works federations, the Institute proposes a framework for reflection and action resulting in a jointly-produced and shared repository of common data.

Serving as a meeting and exchange forum, its purpose is to provide consistent responses to technical and strategic issues and promote the development of infrastructure assets and public spaces toward sustainable design and management and increasing optimisation of their use. IDRRIM also strives to promote and expand the reputation of French technical expertise in Europe and abroad.

Bringing together 50 members representing the public and private sectors (government agencies, local authorities, public and private engineering firms, partnership-based associations, training and research organizations) and more than 40 local authorities, individual companies and engineers, the Institute rallies all the public and private players of the transport infrastructure sector.

IDRRIM Network

48 public and private representative members

50 individual members :30 local authorities ( 25 departments, , Nantes métropole, Lille Métropole, Strasbourg euro métropole, Bordeaux Métropole, Orleans ), 4 construction or engeneering companies, 16 engeneers.

23 IDRRIM "ambassadors": territorial delegates to relay information and disseminate the work of the Institute and partners; coming from local authorities, local professional federations.

4 missions

• Federate and mobilize the community of actors

• Favor establishing and broadcasting the shared reference system

• Contribute to qualification of contractors and ingeneering companies, and professionnalisation of principals

• Promote french excellence on mobility infrastructures

IDRRIM incorporates in its work:

> The need to change the heritage infrastructure and urban areas to a sustainable design and management to optimize their use.

> Expectations of its members in relation to:

  • Sustainable development and ecological competitiveness
  • Accessibility territories and strengthening security
  • Intelligent mobility and new technologies
  • Community Needs in the field of engineering and training
  • Support for innovation and experimentation
  • Efficient infrastructure in a context of fiscal crisis

Key numbers

  • 50 members (institutional organizations) representing the public and private sectors
  • 9 Operational Committees and more than 10 working groups
  • More than 350 people mobilized
  • 300,000 people involved in the exercise of their profession
  • A website : real platform for the dissemination of knowledge
  • Nearly 20 publications per year and more than 250 online documents
  • A monthly newsletter (more than 4600 subscribers)
  • 1 biennal Congress and many events