IDRRIM : The Institute for Roads, Streets and Mobility Infrastructure

IDRRIM (Institute of Roads, Streets and Infrastructure for Mobility) federates public and private actors in the field of transport’s infrastructure. As an exchange platform, IDRRIM aims to provide answers to his members’ issues, published referenced documents and to promote French knowledge internationally.

Who we are

Created in 2010*, IDRRIM offered a framework of thinking and acting in order to produce a shared- reference based on standard, good practices, state of art and methodological tools.

As a place of exchange, the Institute aims to provide homogeneous answers to technical and strategical issues and to evolve infrastructures assets to a durable way of conception and management as well as an optimization of their using.

With 49 institutional members of public and private sectors and the mobilization of more than 300 experts within his 9 operational comities, IDRRIM currently represents a label of confidence and reliability for all its partners. Joining the IDRRIM, it’s participating to a collective thinking on economical, technological and societal issues. It’s also beneficiate of exchange opportunities, access to a privilegiate network of informations validated by the technical community and anticipating on future developments to support policy makers, companies and enginners.                    

*at the initiative of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Territorial Development, the Assembly of the Departments of France and the national private-sector engineering and public works federations

4 missions

  • Federate and mobilize the actors of infrastructures
  • Establishment of a sharing reference system
  • Contribute to qualification of all actors
  • Promote the French excellence on mobility infrastructures

Key numbers